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Sir Harry Secombe sings
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Sir Harry Secombe sings

( Издателство 'Бъдеще и Надежда' )
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Side One

1.    Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer
2.    A Little Understanding
3.    O Love That Will Not Let Me Go
4.    Jerusalem
5.    Rock Of Ages
6.    God Be In My Head
7.    All Things Bright And Beautiful
8.    Who’s The One?
9.    Onward Christian Soldiers

Side Two

1.    The Old Rugged Cross
2.    The 23rd Psalm
3.    For The Beauty Of The Earth
4.    Cover Me With Love
5.    There Is a Green Hill
6.    Prayer Perfect
7.    How Great Thou Art
8.    Song Of Joy
9.    Abide With Me

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